Wood Crusher In Biomass Pellet Plant

Introduction of Wood Crusher

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Wood crusher is also called wood cutting machine, wood chipper or wood briquette crusher. It can process the raw wood materials (such as wood or branches) into wood chips or sawdust the soccer shop. It is widely used in power generation, mechanism of carbon, new energy, agriculture, edible fungi and other industrial fields.

Wood crusher has three main parts: the main body of machine, turbo-blower, and powder collector. The main body of the machine contains a cutting device (cutter) and a crushing device. Wood enters the machine through the feed port and output sawdust directly. The cutting device is driven by a motor, allowing the crusher rotor to run at high speed. It allows the machine to generate a high-speed air stream to impact, compress and cut material for unique crushing work.

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The fineness of sawdust can be adjusted by changing the sieve mesh. Our wood crushers have abandoned the traditional screening process, instead, they use the turbo-blower and powder collector to realize line production from the feed to the dedusting and bagging custom football jerseys. The wood crusher’s performance is greatly improved than other similar products. It has simple structure, compact layout, low price, stable work condition, low energy consumption, high output, good quality, low processing costs, etc.

Wood Crusher Working Principle

The crushing blade of the machine contains a coarse crushing blade,soccer kits for sale a fine crushing blade, and a centrifugal blade. The cutting device is driven by a motor, enable the machine to generate high-speed airflow to impact, compress, and cut the crushing materials to achieve unique crushing performance.

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Under the cutting process of these three kinds of blade, high speed airflow will be made by the rotor rotates following the blade direction; the materials will be impacted, compressed and cut by the airflow acceleration. At the same time, by receiving three kinds of crushing effect,football jersey online  the material with airflow will enter into the analyzer and be analyzed. When the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles in the air flow will enter the powder collector to be collected and the coarse particles will enter the centrifugal blade and be repeatedly broken until a satisfactory size is achieved.

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