There are three great reasons to buy wood pellets when one is considering sustainable heating: Economy, Efficiency and the environment
You can buy our pellets any time of the year and easily store them. Thanks to their compact nature. Compared with firewood, wood pellets are easier to store and burn more efficiently.
Save on heating bills, help to save the environment. Because they are a dense form of fuel with a high energy content, our wood pellets burn efficiently. In fact, biomass wood pellets can cost you upto 25-50% less on average than fossil heating fuels. Fossil heating fuels like oil are often expensive and unstable in price. They also pose a threat to the environment and the global climate.
The wood from our pellets is Carbon neutral and it is coming from sustainably managed resources.
Its easy to buy wood pellets from BBEPL. For ordering, you can call us @+91 94159 00719/ 90525 86000 or mail us @ bidya.bioenergy2020@gmail.com or fill in a quick form available on our site in “Contact Us” Section